Join us for practice at 

Rochelle School of the Arts
1501 Martin L King Jr Ave, Lakeland, FL, 33805
Tuesday and Thursday, 6:30PM-8PM
Contact us so we know you’re coming.

Wear athletic shorts, compression shorts if available, and soccer, football or lacrosse cleats (no metal spikes). No experience necessary: as your skills grow you will move up through our squads.





We are Lakeland Lancers Rugby. We aim to become the premier rugby organization in Florida by building up great players who exhibit our core values.

We are currently recruiting interested players for the upcoming season. Our team works hard and plays hard. To help our players accomplish their goals on and off the field, we push them to be better and succeed in all aspects of their life. Today, you have an opportunity to join our rugby family.

If you’re ready to play the greatest sport in the world, with a team that has your back no matter what, here’s how you can get involved.



The Lakeland Lancers are a part of the Florida Rugby Union and USA Rugby. We play teams from across the state within our division. In the fall, we train on weekdays and scrimmage other squads on certain weekends for practice. In the spring, we compete in the official 15-player union season. In the summer, we travel to tournaments and compete in the 7-player games.

We are dedicated to make playing with the Lakeland Lancers the best decision you’ve ever made. We host two weekly practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30-8:00PM, at Rochelle School of the Arts. We sometimes practice on our supplemental field, if necessary. Upon joining our team, you are immediately welcome to all of our social events, which include after-game parties, end-of-season banquets, community events, and much more. You will have the opportunity to play at least 10 rugby games in the upcoming season.



We are a team, and we function together like a family. Every player is expected to pull their weight, put in maximum effort, and follow the organization’s rules. Practice is an essential part of the team experience. We have expert head coaches and assistant coaches to guide us. During practice, we expect our players to listen, train, and support each other. It is understood we do not interrupt, talk over coaches, or distract other players. There is plenty of time for play once we put in the work.

You will be expected to attend at least 80% of our practices during the season. Many of us have work and social responsibilities that come first. We are very aware of these obligations and understand when the occasional practice has to be missed. If there is an ongoing or immediate scheduling issue, notify an officer privately so we can be aware and help out.

Dues and insurance for the upcoming 15’s season are $200. These dues make all of this possible: equipment, insurance, field rentals, socials, and much more. You can receive an early bird discount for paying up front, or schedule a payment plan if needed. You must have your dues or a payment plan in place before you participate in your first game. It is possible to receive a full refund on your dues if you get a company to sponsor you as a player. More details will be provided.

USA Rugby requires all players to register for a general insurance and waiver policy that absolves both USA Rugby and the Lakeland Lancers of any liability. Registering for USA rugby for a full year is $72.45. While our game jerseys and shorts are provided, you are required to wear your own rugby-appropriate cleats and have an additional pair of appropriate rugby shorts and socks during any matches in which they may be required.

We can provide you with any of the tools you need to be successful as a rugby player, from fitness programs to in-depth explanations of game strategy. Connect with an officer for details.

One more time:
Join us for practice at

Rochelle School of the Arts,

1501 Martin L King Jr Ave, Lakeland, FL, 33805.

Tuesday and Thursday, 6:30PM-8PM
Contact us so we know you’re coming.