“Can we come back next weekend, dad?” One player runs back to the parking lot with a new rugby ball in hand. It’s the end of the third successful youth rugby clinic in Lakeland, launched and operated by Lakeland Lancers Rugby. 

It’s exciting and entertaining for children to participate in a sport. But many times, full-on programs are expensive and time consuming. The perfect answer is a single-day sports camp, just like the ones hosted by the Lancers.

At the camp, children and parents will first be introduced to our coaches to make sure everyone is comfortable and excited. 

Youth rugby is called “touch rugby”, which means there is no tackling or other high impact pieces of play. This is a great way to get introduced to the sport while remaining as safe as possible. 

Next, the coaches explain the basic rules of rugby, and what each position does during a game. 

Then comes skill development, as players learn how to run, pass, and play defense effectively. The coaches use a variety of fun and engaging games to make sure the kids are working hard and learning the entire time! 

At the end of the clinic, the kids have an opportunity to purchase a rugby ball to practice at home. The coaches can hand out any additional information or training the players might be interested in! 

If you’d like to be informed when the next free youth rugby clinic is scheduled, get in touch with Lakeland Lancers Rugby here. 

And if you’re interested in playing with their senior men’s or women’s squad, come try out a practice.